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Brendan Fitzgerald, Vanguard Solutions

Brendan Fitzgerald

Managing Director

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vanguard Solutions, Brendan has over 40 years experience in Risk and Safety Engineering, Process Design and Process Simulation.

Brendan is well-regarded in the industry for his technical expertise and for his leadership on risk and safety issues.  Brendan's specific expertise lies in an ability to apply safety analysis / risk assessment techniques to any operation, activity or equipment, with a pragmatic understanding of the context, whatever the industry.  This stems from his wide experience of different industry sectors, including mining/mineral processing, chemical, petroleum refining, oil and gas, nuclear, maritime, manufacturing and defence. 

Brendan has a track record of providing key strategic input to clients’ decision-making in projects and operations.  This advice often addresses wider project management and operations management issues, in addition to risk and safety.

Brendan’s passion for Process Safety was forged by his role in supporting a legal team at the Piper Alpha Inquiry, where he led the work that disproved one of the two main theories for the cause of the disaster.


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